Cold Brew Coffee Maker
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COLD BREW Coffee Maker

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Cold brew coffee is less acidic and easier on your stomach. It retains more flavor-giving oils that make coffee so good. Rather than quickly rushing hot water through the grounds, the cold brew method lets grounds slowly steep in cold water. This also makes a stronger brew – the longer the steep, the stronger it gets.

Product Description

  • STRONG + DELICIOUS COLD BREW AT HOME – It’s winter now – make hot cold brew from concentrate. Get a professional-level brew from the comfort of your kitchen. Brewing instructions and recipes included with purchase. Add to Cart now and get excited!
  • MORE FLAVORFUL, LESS ACIDIC, & STRONGER COFFEE – What more could you want? The hours-long immersion of cold brew keeps more of the delicious natural coffee oils and adds more caffeine. Using cold instead of hot water leads to a much lower acid content than standard coffee, giving you strong, smooth coffee that is gentle on the stomach.
  • GROUNDS + WATER + TIME. Simply add cold water to the grounds and let sit for 12-24 hours, then it’s ready to drink! This is easier than the mason jar method – you get the same deep brewing of the coffee grounds, but no need for filter bags or socks to strain the grounds out. The best way to make HOT cold brew is to brew a concentrate, then add some to boiled water whenever you want a hot cuppa.
  • EXTRA-LARGE 1.5L CAPACITY – The 1.5L pitcher makes 6 full cups of coffee. With 50% more volume than the common 1-Liter brewers, you can make enough coffee to last you all week.
  • EASY-CLEAN FILTER, & THICK GLASS  – The beautiful design is also easy to clean – just run the mesh filter under the faucet. Thick borosilicate glass is strong and keeps coffee cold longer.
  • GREAT FOR ALL INFUSION DRINKS – Iced tea, Infusion pitcher water, even hot brewed drinks like spiced wine. Our design lets the water interact directly with the fruit or tea leaves (loose leaf tea works well) but filters it out when you pour. Infusion perfection. 
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked. Thank you for supporting our small business. <3